Sunday 26 July: Shorter Walk – Little Venice, Regent’s Park & Primrose Hill (Circular)

In pouring rain, ten heroic ramblers set off from Little Venice along the canal towards Regents Park. Enroute we encountered a band of trainee cyclists who wobbled their way past us as we stood well clear. Turning into the park, we walked beside the lake to a cafe where we had a well-deserved stop for coffee and cake. By this time the rain had eased and we continued through the park past a pair of black swans in the Rose Garden and with glimpses of llamas and penguins in the zoo. We stopped for an excellent lunch in the Pembroke Castle before climbing up Primrose Hill for a very misty view of the London skyline. Returning to the canal as the rain started again, we retraced our steps back to Little Venice passing the grandly refurbished Crockers Folly pub and the residence of Guy Gibson of Dambusters fame. On completion of this very damp walk, everyone deserved a medal but unfortunately all they got was a Fox’s glacier fruit!


Image: Canal basin at Little Venice.  Charles Drakew


Saturday 25 July: Longer walk: Wendover (Circular)

Eighteen polyramblers joined us for this walk; sixteen of travelled by train and Gillian and Stuart joined us at Wendover. After Peter had confirmed the pub reservation we made our way toward the Boer War Monument on top of Coombe Hill. After the rain on Friday we were grateful for a clear sunny day and were able to enjoy the wonderful views – Ellensborough church, Ivinghoe Beacon, Chequers (David Cameron’s country retreat).

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Walking trip to Grazalema, Andalucia

A group of 19 of us went to Grazalema in Andalucia, in early June. The journey there had gone OK but it was with great relief that we stepped down from the coach in the main square of this attractive mountain village. We checked into our hotel, La Casa de las Piedras, and took a turn round the village, enjoying the extensive views .  The weather was pleasantly warm and we had a leisurely group meal at the Restaurant Simancon sitting outside at a long table. There were geckos on the walls and birds swooping to catch insects. London seemed a long way away.

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Saturday 11 July: Hever to Cowden (West Kent)

We started from Hever railway station and as the leader I promptly led the group of 15 walkers straight past the footpath sign! Not a good start, but after quickly retracing our steps we were on course to Christmas Mill and then onto Dry Hill and some views of the North Downs.   Another readjustment had to be made after Siew Kee pointed out we needed to track across a meadow rather than Continue reading Saturday 11 July: Hever to Cowden (West Kent)