Saturday 20 February: Evening walk from Birchington to Herne Hill (Kent)

I had not done a recce and left my map an information at home but how hard could it be to find the seaside!  Ten of us found it within 5 minutes of arriving in Birchington after following the aptly named Beach Road.  It was a windy, grey day and the guard on the train had warned us that the walk to Reculver was exposed and so it was.  We walked along the beach in Birchington and then on the sea wall battling against the strong wind with the Thames estuary on our right and flat countryside on the left.  We could see the Reculver church towers in the distance (they were supposed to be in the Continue reading Saturday 20 February: Evening walk from Birchington to Herne Hill (Kent)

Saturday 5th March. Annual General Meeting

The AGM, which took place at the University of Westminster, was attended by 38 members, four more than last year.  This time, we were in a large room with nice blue chairs with wheels and we had plenty of space to accommodate everybody.    The AGM was attended by our long-lost mascot, Quintin, who had spent a few years in the attic of Gerald’s brother (for the record, Quintin was supposed to go home  with Danny after the meeting but Siew Tin offered to look after our mascot).  The formal business of the meeting included the minutes of last year’s AGM, the report of the Committee on the activities of the club and the financial report and statement of accounts.  The Rambler of the Year Award was presented by the President to Geoffrey who had done a record 63 walks in 2015.  It was the 14th time he won the award! Continue reading Saturday 5th March. Annual General Meeting

February 13th. Berkhamstead to Tring

Ten of us left Berkhamsted station in drizzly rain and walked past the remains of the 11th century castle, whose motte and bailey layout could be seen clearly.  It was muddy as we made the gradual ascent to Berkhamsted Common, but we Poly Ramblers have seen much worse.  Passing some horses we made our way to the Alpine Meadow.  This area is the haunt of lizards, but we didn’t see any.  Presumably they were hiding under stones, sheltering from the rain.  Our disappointment at not seeing any lizards was soon forgotten when we caught a glimpse of five or six deer running through the wood and into the adjacent meadow.  Moments later we were further rewarded by the sight of a much larger herd of deer running in the same direction. Continue reading February 13th. Berkhamstead to Tring

Sunday February 7th. Chipstead Circular

The weather forecast was poor,and the preceding week had been wet, so it was a creditable 9 who assembled at Chipstead Station. We were pleased to welcome new member Marie-Reine who  came out with us on the Windsor walk before Christmas. We entered Banstead Woods, taking due note of a sign urging people not to eat the snails. There were a lot of people about, but we were probably the only ones who were dogless. Emerging from the woods, we continued through undulating farmland to the Well House Inn at Mugswell. Despite having done a few walks in this area, this was the first time we had been there and we were most impressed. Friendly staff, efficient service, good food and beer, all in a wonderfull old building. Continue reading Sunday February 7th. Chipstead Circular