Thursday 26 October 2017 – Evening walk in Pimlico

It was drizzling and dark so I thought nobody would turn up for the walk. I should have known better! Nothing stops the Polyramblers! There were 11 of us on the walk. We crossed Vauxhall Bridge without seeing the bronze statues on both sides, passed the Tyburn River outfall, Pimlico Garden with the statue of William Huskinsson MP, who was run down by George Stephenson’s Rocket, and St Continue reading Thursday 26 October 2017 – Evening walk in Pimlico

Saturday 21st October. Barbara’s Hampstead Heath walk

On the sunny, windy autumn day 11 of us went on the circular Hampstead Heath walk. The walk was repeated on the request of walkers participating in this ‘adventure’ on August 5th. The route was almost the same, but the scenery was very much different. It was Autumn spectacle! The leaves of deciduous trees and some shrubs were changing its original colour to a glorious shades of gold, bronze, red, green etc.. We had a joyful time walking over crunchy, wet leaves and some muddy paths admiring Autumn scenery. We did not forget to stop for lunch and to have a good rest at Kenwood House. We finished our leisurely walking day at The Flask pub for some refreshments.
It was a great Autumn day! The walk was requested by the group to repeat it  AGAIN  in the Winter! Thank you to 10 friendly polyramblers for coming on the walk”.


Despite dire warnings of pouring rain, weather bombs, storm Brian etc, 9 of us + one small dog screwed up our courage & went on the walk. As it  happened there was very little rain & what there was came mostly at lunch time which hardly mattered. The terrifying gale & flying trees didn’t happen either which was fortunate as the walk was mostly in woodland; there was just the pleasant sound of wind in the tree tops & we had a beautiful day. There was some discussion about what the leader’s role should be if a large oak were to come flying through the air in our direction; some thought they should sacrifice themselves in a noble attempt to save the group, some -well, the leader- disagreed, thinking that would be a pointless gesture & how would the survivors find their way to the pub without them? Luckily it remained an academic argument; we found our way to 2 pubs, a village shop that does tea & coffee & made it to the train in perfect time .



A Day of Contrasts!

Rob, Rosie Anna and Solvig set off for Hove – a bit earlier than planned due to a cancelled train.  I heard later that Barbara got a later train, and did the same walk although sadly we didn’t meet up. It was a very windy day with a fantastic wild sea, and we all enjoyed walking along the sea front towards the falling-down pier, which managed not to fall down while we were there!

We crossed the road to the Melrose restaurant where we had super lunches. Hardly anyone was there so we had lots of attention as well ! After that we had a nice walk along the beach to Brighton and then decided to return to Hove. That’s when the fun started!

Finding a bus back to Hove that was moving and available was a miracle – there was some local problem – but getting back to Victoria with well over an hours wait at Hove and two trains cancelled (someone had become ill on an earlier train) we eventually got back. Hope we all got home before 10 pm.!

I think we all enjoyed it though! Grand to have a day at the seaside!



Photo: Brighton Pier. Jean Housen. CCA 3.0 unported

Friday 25 to Tuesday 29 August 2017 – Bank holiday walking weekend based in Exeter

Friday 25 August 2017
40 Polyramblers for this weekend in sunny Devon. After a train journey to Exeter St Davids, we took taxis to our accommodation in Holland Hall at the University of Exeter. We did an orientation walk on the campus and took the bus to central Exeter for a walk to the cathedral and the Quayside area then went back to our lodgings by bus. We had a nice evening meal in Holland Hall dining room and went to bed looking forward to 3 daily walk options. Continue reading Friday 25 to Tuesday 29 August 2017 – Bank holiday walking weekend based in Exeter