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13th October. Saxon Shore Way 6. Bloors Wharf – Kingsferry Bridge

.Well a day of ups & downs especially by the leader.We set off from Rainham, Kent station at 10.36 and within the first two miles the leader was to be found sprawled on his back on the muddy ground. His fall from grace having been cushioned by the First Aid kit stowed in his rucksack. We passed near to Upchurch, here Sir Francis Drake grew up his father was Rector of St Mary’s church.The morning was dry despite heavy overnight rain and hardly a breath of wind. With three dogs barking and challenging us as we passed a stables.We had during the course of the day to walk four times along a very narrow & busy road, the same road.Geoffrey after consultation agreed to walk at the back in a High-vis jacket, with the leader in his at the front.

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Sunday 6th October, Chingford circular

It didn’t look promising early on Sunday morning with rain tapping impatiently on my window pane and a weather warning glowering at me from the safety of my ipad.   But it turned out to be a fine breezy autumnal day in the end with plenty of sunshine and no rain.   Four of us met at Walthamstow and waited and waited for a rail replacement bus to Chingford which grudgingly appeared and then as if to make up for the delay whisked us off to Chingford fairly rapidly.   We started on our walk though Epping Forest around 11am,  picking our way between some pretty large puddles and being met by riders out on their horses enjoying the fresh air.   Continue reading Sunday 6th October, Chingford circular


Following a summer of beautiful walks in the countryside 16 Polyramblers set off on an urban walk celebrating S.E. London’s green spaces in many of its guises.  We started with a circuit of Nunhead Cemetery, one of the”Magnificent Seven” Victorian
Cemeteries and now a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Wildlife, home to songbirds,  woodpeckers and tawny owls. We paused to view several monuments, some elaborate, some poignant and most ravaged by nature and vandalism. Continue reading NUNHEAD CIRCULAR – 28 SEPTEMBER


Epping Forest was acquired by the City of London in 1882, and previously in the 1800s many trees were felled for the Navy. Twelve Polyramblers assembled at Epping station, some having been affected by a little tube outage from the northwest and west! Even I was met with a taped off Met line platform at Farringdon and suddenly returned into my Thameslink train, rejoining the tube at the brand new entrance of Bank station. Continue reading EPPING TO CHINGFORD: SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER

Saturday 14th September: Witley circular via hascombe

12 members plus Teddy set off from Witley station on a circular walk through the wooded hills of SW Surrey.  At several parts of the walk we traversed the Greensand Way.  We also walked on part of the Octavia Hill Trail named after the founder of the National Trust and passed an avenue of houses owned by millionaires.  The gardens were so large you couldn’t see the houses! We took our lunch break in Hascombe village at the lovely White Horse pub, which served some great beer and lovely, if slightly expensive, food or picnicked by the picturesque village pond with a Victorian church opposite. Continue reading Saturday 14th September: Witley circular via hascombe