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31st August Lewes Circular

If I’m ever asked why on earth anyone would want to get up early on a weekend, put on heavy boots & walk up & down steep hills in high temperatures, Saturday’s walk provided the answer – because it’s wonderful! We had perfect weather, apart from the last hour, & the South Downs are beautiful. Amazingly sculpted chalk hills with steep escarpments & views to the sea from the top. The expenditure of energy required for us to get up & down three times was well Continue reading 31st August Lewes Circular

Saturday 20th May. Liss to Petersfield

Saturday’s walk showed what a beautiful county Hampshire is. Woods with the ground completely covered in wild garlic, fields with sheep & lambs with varying ear arrangements-some at the more usual horizontal angle & some with vertical, sticking up ones like llamas. Lovely buttercup meadows & some small valleys that hadn’t been cultivated recently & were almost wild looking. The pub was Continue reading Saturday 20th May. Liss to Petersfield