Epping Forest was acquired by the City of London in 1882, and previously in the 1800s many trees were felled for the Navy. Twelve Polyramblers assembled at Epping station, some having been affected by a little tube outage from the northwest and west! Even I was met with a taped off Met line platform at Farringdon and suddenly returned into my Thameslink train, rejoining the tube at the brand new entrance of Bank station. Continue reading EPPING TO CHINGFORD: SATURDAY 21 SEPTEMBER

Saturday 14th Witley circular via hascombe

12 members plus Teddy set off from Witley station on a circular walk through the wooded hills of SW Surrey.  At several parts of the walk we traversed the Greensand Way.  We also walked on part of the Octavia Hill Trail named after the founder of the National Trust and passed an avenue of houses owned by millionaires.  The gardens were so large you couldn’t see the houses! We took our lunch break in Hascombe village at the lovely White Horse pub, which served some great beer and lovely, if slightly expensive, food or picnicked by the picturesque village pond with a Victorian church opposite. Continue reading Saturday 14th Witley circular via hascombe

Barnes Bridge to Richmond and Teddington – Saturday 7 September

We enjoyed a leisurely walk along the river from Barnes Bridge to Richmond and then Richmond to Teddington. Although it was somewhat overcast it cleared up later in the afternoon.  Fifteen members started the walk, a good mixture of hikers and strollers for a change.  It was busy on the towpath with many cyclists and runners to dodge.  Part way along we had a call from Danny to say he was waiting for Sarah and Rosie who had been delayed en route.   Along the walk we were able to enjoy attractive views into Kew Gardens, Syon House along with the boats and birdlife on the Thames. We paused  opposite Isleworth village for a chocolate break courtesy of Rob, with roasted cashews from Lucy and Peter. For lunch we stopped at the Cocktail Kitchen in Richmond and were eventually joined there by Danny, Rosie and Sarah, making a final total of 17 walkers.  After lunch the majority of the group decided to call it a day but a small group of six (unusually male dominated) continued onwards to Teddington.

Rob and Gillian

31st August Lewes Circular

If I’m ever asked why on earth anyone would want to get up early on a weekend, put on heavy boots & walk up & down steep hills in high temperatures, Saturday’s walk provided the answer – because it’s wonderful! We had perfect weather, apart from the last hour, & the South Downs are beautiful. Amazingly sculpted chalk hills with steep escarpments & views to the sea from the top. The expenditure of energy required for us to get up & down three times was well recompensed for by a pint in the pub at Rodmell, picnic by the peaceful church at Southease & the lovely tea shop at Glynde. The owner kindly promised to let us in if we could get there by 4 which is closing time but such a fine group of walkers were we, that we got there by 3.30 & Geoffrey & his sister joined us in the little orchard for some very acceptable cakes. The weather changed for the last part of the walk but we’re tough, we don’t let a little bit of weather put us off & with cake-stuffed tums we made it back to Lewes in perfect time for the train.


Bank Holiday Weekend – Lancaster

Friday 23rd August. 37 Polyramblers descended on Lancaster University for a long weekend of walking and sightseeing. The university complex is extensive so the first test on arrival was finding reception and accommodation, luckily Hilary’s sister Janet was on hand to assist as buses arrived. Janet and Hilary led an orientation walk around the older part of the city centre including Lancaster Castle and the Judges Lodgings and a number of historical pubs before we descended down to St Georges Quay’s  walking along the Lancaster end of the river Lune to the Wagon and Horses where we had an excellent meal. It was at this point that Danny pointed out that one of our group had not yet appeared, we later found out that his train had broken down outside Euston! Continue reading Bank Holiday Weekend – Lancaster