Saturday 20 August: The Hadhams (Herts)

After a few dry weeks, the weather forecast was for rain.  That’s probably why only 5 elite Polyramblers turned up for the walk.  However, we only had 3 showers during the day, one while we were on the train, the second while we were having lunch and the third in the afternoon lasted only 2 minutes.  The train was delayed due to problems with a door so we missed the bus in St Margarets which is only every 2 hours.  Therefore, we decided to do the walk in reverse from St Continue reading Saturday 20 August: The Hadhams (Herts)

August 13th. Farncombe to Godalming

Eleven of us  got off the train at Farncombe. We were  pleased to have been joined by Jenifer who was checking us out with a view to perhaps becoming a member. The day was overcast with sunny periods  forecast for later. Making our way down towards the Wey and Arun navigation, we paused to admire some well tended allotments, their abundance putting our own efforts to shame. Perhaps  the Wey alluvial deposits are better for growing stuff than our London clay. Continue reading August 13th. Farncombe to Godalming

Saturday 6 August: St Albans to Hatfield along the Alban Way

Four of us started the walk with a leisurely coffee while the main group was delayed because of a cancelled train. When we turned up at the station, the other 12 had gone but Danny and Gillian were waiting for us. It was a hot day and it was nice to be in the shade of the Alban way, the former route of the Hatfield to St Albans branch line of the Great Northern Railway. The Line was opened in 1865 for freight and passenger services until it was closed and dismantled in 1969. It is also a popular cycling route and we had to step aside quite often with and without warning to let cyclists pass. We saw St Albans Abbey in the distance, the river Ver and passed a few old railway platforms. We finally caught up with the main group just before the detour to The Plough public house in Sleapshyde where we had a nice lunch in the garden. We were grateful that the afternoon walk was short because it was getting quite hot. We crossed the M1 near the Galleria and finished the walk in Hatfield station which was quite crowded because of the Eastern Electric Festival in Hatfield House. We passed on the festival and headed home.

30th July. Rowlands Castle and Stansted Forest

Five polyramblers  met up at Waterloo station and boarded the 0945 Portsmouth train. The journey was overcast with patches of hazy sun. After Petersfield the sky became decidedly leaden and there was a cloudburst when we alighted at Rowlands Castle station – making haste to the sheltered part of the platform.  Having set off out of the station approach, the sky started to clear and the rain almost stopped. It was about 11:30 and getting sunny. We took a stroll around the lovely village green noting various Golden/Diamond  Jubilee memorials/planted Oaks, and the small church at one end which was locked. Continue reading 30th July. Rowlands Castle and Stansted Forest

Thursday 21 July: A Bermondsey evening walk

On a nice summer’s evening, 16 Polyramblers went to explore Bermondsey, the site of Bermondsey Abbey founded in the 8th century and, later, the centre of the leather trade and tanneries. We started with Bermondsey Street with its mixture of old and new buildings. Mary pointed out number 78 where her mother used to work. We continued to St Mary Magdalen church where there is a memorial to Susanna Wood. The carving is eroded but the wording Continue reading Thursday 21 July: A Bermondsey evening walk